51 Westwood Drive, Stamford, CT

Suburban Paradise for Pollinators

Completed in September of 2021, this project involved a series of revitalizing and creating new native garden beds that lined the front walk, driveway, and mailbox. The soil conditions ranged from moist to dry; and lighting remained around full sun.

110 Ferris Place, Ithaca, NY

Unruly Shrubs to Shade Garden

In this exciting co-gardening experience we removed low lying shrubs – primarily vinca & privet – that covered an entire front bed. We then converted the space into a successional shade garden involving native woodland edge herbaceous perennials, grasses, and ferns.

22 Broad Brook Lane, Stamford, CT

Biodiverse Garden Beds

Two pre-existing garden beds – one in full sun and one in part shade – were redesigned to include a wide array of native herbaceous perennials that could withstand drought, while being deer resistance. Each bed’s flowers give off a whole spectrum of seasonal hues.