We are a voice for Nature

Our Mission

At Busy Bee we seek to contribute talent and knowledge in filling a niche as ecologically attuned and educated landscapers and designers who first and foremost care about what is best for the client, the community, and the Earth. 

Busy Bee Ecological Designs was first founded in the Spring of 2020 with the notion that one could simultaneously improve the aesthetics of outdoor space, while providing restoring food and habitat systems for local flora and fauna. After removing swathes of backyard lawn, Brandon was able to exceed the expectations he had for this goal. He experienced constant blooms, an array of colors, a wide array of new pollinators, and most of all a deep elation for the Earth that was even new to him.

Now with these experiences and values in mind Brandon has set out in search of new people to work with who want to explore the same goals with their land. He hopes that through his work he will not only bring more joy to peoples’ lives, but he also hopes that he will heal the word ecologically so that all being’s next generations may thrive!

Brandon Hoak resides in Ithaca, NY, but frequently visits Stamford, CT as well where family continues to live – both his parents as well as the garden, which he treats as family. He holds a Bachelors of Science from Cornell University in Design + Environmental Analysis. Additionally, he holds a concentration in the Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, which was strengthened by his time studying abroad in Denmark. He is an avid reader, runner, bird-watcher, artist, and cook, and is always seeking ways to create positive social change through his passions!

Our Values

As a growing business within the environmental community we strive to embody our values in every action and decision we make.

Sourcing our plants locally is a huge part of this initiative. Currently we source over 90% of our plants we use in our landscaping and gardening work from two family owned nurseries in the greater Ithaca area: The Plantsmen and Grow Wild Natives. Each of these nurseries focus their attention on growing all or a majority of their plants directly from seeds themselves. Majority of the plants are Native species both in relation to the specific Northeast as well as North America. This provides many benefits for local pollinator species, as well as, lower maintenance requirements.

Simple actions we take also include reusing all pots and tags from all transplants used in our jobs. We encourage leaving debris and detritus created from our work on site to aid in a more complete nutrient cycle. Our tools & attire that we use are either secondhand or the highest quality new items on the market.

We try to make every decision with as much good intention as possible!

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